Our Origins

Since our first day in business, Combat Textiles has been offering innovative solutions for handguns, carbines and tactical accessories.  Using only the best 1000 Denier Cordura® & polyurethane coated nylon material along with precise measurements, we are able to offer long lasting wraps with unbeatable quality.
Every product is made in the USA and has gone through extensive testing from LEOs, Competitive Shooters and firearm hobbyists alike. 


Quality craftsmanship and materials lead to long lasting functional grips

Cordura material is processed in several stages, which allows you to get the densest material at the exit, where the coating lasts for a long time.

Cordura Fibers get a different thickness (we use the densest material, Cordura® 1000D), for they are folded several times, twisted to achieve a certain thickness and strength of the threads.

The density of our material is 1000 Denier which is:

1.) Reinforced water resistance - more than 5 thousand mm

2.) Flame resistant - The melting point is 210-245 ° C and this grip is self extinguishing

3.) Breatheability indicators - 500 g/m per day

4.) Durable- According to the Stoll test (StollTester) wear resistance at the level of 7.6 thousand revolutions.

5.) UV Resistant - colors and quality will not change when exposed to sunlight.

6.) IRR and Radiation resistant.

It is these characteristics that have allowed this innovative material to become a means of enhanced protection. At first it was used only for the army, after which they began to produce shockproof knee pads and elbow pieces, body armor, unloading vests, covers, backpacks, military clothes and now protective wraps for our trusted tools.