Install Video
    1. Clean application area by wiping down with any alcohol wipe and let completely dry.
    2. Remove 3M adhesive liner from wrap, either fully or partially
    3. Carefully line up wrap with the application area, starting at any end and continue to apply lightly across the rest of the area. (Our material can stretch slightly and be removed/reapplied to conform to the best fit, within the first 20 minutes of application).   

    IMPORTANT - Make sure that you are satisfied with the fit before proceeding to the next step, as it will be harder to adjust after this point.

    1. Once everything is fully wrapped, apply pressure across the whole area to activate the adhesion. You can also apply heat (blow dryer) across the wrap to further strengthen the adhesion; however, this will make it harder to remove/change if you are not satisfied with the fit.
    2. If there are any loose threads, you can singe the edges with a lighter or torch, very quickly to not burn the fabric

     If you are not satisfied or something goes wrong, feel free to contact us at and we will help to address any issues