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Combat Textiles

Springfield Hellcat Grip

Springfield Hellcat Grip

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Introducing the Combat Textiles Cordura Grip, a premium accessory designed exclusively for the Springfield Hellcat. This grip enhancement is crafted from the highly durable and resilient Cordura fabric, offering unmatched protection and an improved handling experience for your Hellcat.

Key Features:

  • Tailored Design for Springfield Hellcat: Precision-engineered to fit the compact and ergonomic form of the Springfield Hellcat, our Cordura grip ensures a perfect fit that enhances the firearm's natural design without adding unnecessary bulk.
  • Exceptional Durability with Cordura Fabric: Utilizing the strength and resilience of Cordura fabric, this grip is built to withstand the rigors of daily carry, offering superior protection against abrasions, tears, and environmental elements.
  • Improved Grip and Comfort: The textured surface of the Cordura grip not only increases the durability of your firearm but also provides an enhanced grip, ensuring a secure and comfortable hold in various shooting conditions.
  • Easy Application: Designed for convenience, the Cordura grip can be easily applied to your Springfield Hellcat, allowing for quick customization and an immediate upgrade in grip performance.
  • Aesthetic Enhancement: Available in a selection of colors and patterns, the Combat Textiles Cordura Grip allows you to personalize your Springfield Hellcat, matching your personal style or tactical requirements.

Elevate Your Hellcat Experience: The Combat Textiles Cordura Grip for the Springfield Hellcat is the ultimate upgrade for enhancing the grip, durability, and overall aesthetic of your firearm. Whether you're using your Hellcat for personal defense, law enforcement, or recreational shooting, this grip ensures your firearm is always prepared for action and visually distinctive.

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CORDURA® 1000D (Berry and IR Compliant)

3M 300LSE adhesive

Made in the USA

100% Satisfaction Guarantee


Wipe down area prior to applying adhesive

Use the precut areas to peel off adhesive backing

Apply slowly and evenly

Removal is simple and will not leave a permanent mark

Our material is durable and meant to last


Flat rate of $1.99 per order

Free Shipping with orders over $35.